Craft and Design Month, May 2013

Craft and Design Month, May 2013

Celebrating Crafts Across the UK

Craft and Design Month - May 2018

Quotes about Craft and Design Month

This year in particular eyes are on British tradition so it is a great time to celebrate craft from the past as well as the future. We have such a staggering wealth of art and craft heritage which is now inspiring talented people throughout the country to produce craft we should be proud of.
Kirstie Allsopp
To touch, see or buy something handmade simply makes us happy. The smooth tactile quality of porcelain, the coolness of hand forged metal or the warmth of a turned wooden vessel - it's these objects that give us most pleasure whether we wear them, display them or use them around the home. It's the handcrafted pieces in my own home that give me the most pleasure.
Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen wishes you all the best for a fabulous event and says:
“There can be no further doubt - thanks to the credit crunch and the nation’s need to ‘nest’, craft is now the new Rock and Roll”
Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen
ICHF is thrilled to be supporting such a worthwhile campaign. There is tremendous synergy between ICHF's craft shows and Craft and Design Month with the goal of promoting “handmade and personal” as opposed to mass produced and commercial.
Simon Burns, ICHF
There is tremendous talent which is echoed throughout the marquees at the Weald of Kent Craft Show and I believe that Craft and Design Month is dedicated to those artist makers which have made this event such a resounding success.
Simon Burns, ICHF
Unless we nurture, support and celebrate modern British craft and design, there will be paucity of Antiques of Tomorrow for Roadshow specialists working on future series to delight upon.

The point is particularly pertinent today when most purchases intended to enhance domestic bliss are generic, globe-crushing and Made In China. High carbon, low soul.

As all right-minded observers, I applaud British craft and design and urge its practitioners towards greatness. Naturally, not everything produced today, even in Britain, is great. But with appropriate support, by the likes of craft&design as well as its patrons, the present and future of individual creative endeavour will remain loud, clear and pertinent.
Andy McConnell
I am delighted to be able to support Craft and Design, which brings together two of my greatest passions in such a vibrant and relevant way.

To me craft and design are natural complements, two essential elements that bring personality, lasting joy and individuality to my life and home.

Good design, which for me is about how well something works as much as how it looks, has always delighted me; however, it is craft, the artesian application of the language of materials and how to use them, that gives true life and manifests the beauty in function and form of any design
Andrea Maflin,
Craft and Design Month gives me the opportunity as a show organiser to host a special pavilion to promote the magnificent work of some the finest craftsmen and women we are lucky enough to have in this country.
Angela Bartlett
Art, Design & A Taste of Summer
Living Crafts is delighted to be promoting Craft & Design Month at their May event, The Festival of Living Crafts at Hatfield House.

The initiative will recognise the unique talents, skills and passion of designer-makers from across Great Britain and help bring crafts to the focus of public and media attention. It will highlight the huge contribution that craftsmen and women make to the heritage of this country and underline the fact that British crafts today are alive and flourishing.
Robin Younger
Living Crafts
Craft & Design Month is a great way to celebrate the thousands of talented makers that we have working in the UK. Makers contribute a great deal to British life both economically and culturally and their work demonstrates how relevant craft still is in the 21st century.
Rosy Greenlees, Executive Director, Crafts Council
Craft and Design Month is a very bold initiative which spawns a lot of events all around the UK, capturing the imagination of a great many people.
Our contribution is a virtual event, an ongoing one which involves expanding our website concept of designGAP into artGAP, craftGAP, fashionGAP, interiorsGAP and jewelleryGAP, all six websites under the umbrella of CreativeGAPS.
Shirley Frost, CreativeGAPS
The UK’s craft sector is hugely rich in its diversity of practice and output. At Creative & Cultural Skills, the Skills Council for the UKs creative and cultural sectors, we are working on supporting the wide range of craft practitioners and makers with a new, flexible apprenticeship scheme, a set of Craft Skills Awards to launch later this year, and brand new research into the needs of the sector. We wholeheartedly support related campaigns such as Craft & Design Month, which highlight just how important the craft sector is to both our national identity and our creative economy.
Catherine Large, Joint CEO
Creative & Cultural Skills
Craft and Design Month is organised and sponsored by
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